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XVI National Congress of Surgery - New horizons

An interview for Medical news online portal about XVI National Congress of Surgery with international partnership

Д-р Грибнев - Дарик

Best doctors - rating from one of the most famous media in BG

Second edition of Darik radio rating "Who are the best doctors in Bulgaria"

Darik radio: Dr. Gribnev:
The communication between the surgeon and the patient is getting better

Д-р Грибнев - БТВ

BTV national television: To operate bloodless

BTV national television: Rosen Petrov's broadcast "Let them talk" - about the new trends in laparoscopic surgery

Д-р Грибнев

Journal "24 Hours: Are hemorrhoids hereditary?

Hemorrhoid disease is most frequently seen in man, than woman in the population

Medical news online platform

Medical news portal publish an interesting thoughts about what the surgery gives and what takes