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Here you can find some of the operations, performed by me with summary of the procedures.
Nowadays, in the era of modern surgery laparoscopic operations are the way of choice, offering lesser pain, risk of complications and shorter hospital stay.
Laparoscopic surgery enters more and more into the portfolio of the surgeon.
The scientific community already gathered the necessary information from the trials, that laparoscopic surgery has no differences from the conventional when we speak bout mortality, morbidity and rate of recurrences of the diseases.


Sometimes is difficult to trust your surgeon.

The patients give their live to surgeon's hands!

For the best results a full confidence between you and your surgeon is necessary!


    Course “Laparoscopic and open hernia repair”

    Course for laparoscopic and open  hernia repair - Athene, Greece 2017

    Course “Laparoscopic colorectal surgery”

    Postgraduate course "Laparoscopic colorectal surgery" Carmel Medical Centre. Haifa, Izrael

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