Curriculum vitae

Dr. Petar Gribnev

Laparoscopic surgeon


  • 2015 Diploma for Public Health Management, Medical University Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 2007 Specialty  of Surgery
  • 1993 – 1999 – Medical doctor diploma – Medical University Sofia, Bulgaria


Professional experience 

 Dr. Gribnev is Head of Gastro and Oncologic Unit in Second Surgery Department in University Hospital “Alexandrovska”, Sofia, Bulgaria

From 2012 to 2017 was Head of Operating Theatre in Second Surgery Department in University Hospital “Alexandrovska”, Sofia, Bulgaria

Dr. Gribnev is assistant professor in Medical University Sofia. Teaches student of medicine 5-th degree, residents, postgraduate courses and dental student 3th degree.

He starts his career 2002 in Municipality hospital Targovishte city (north-east part of Bulgaria), then started residency in Surgery the same year in the clinic, where he works now.

He is a member of EAES (European Association of Endoscopic Surgery) and BSS (Bulgarian Surgical Society)


National and international congresses and conferences:

  • October 2018 y. –National Congress of Surgery with international participation Varna, Bylgaria
  • June 2018 y. – 26th International EAES Congress Юни London, Great Britain
  • June 2017 y. – 25th International EAES Congress Юни Frankfurt, Germany
  • June 1026 y. – 24th International EAES Congress Юни. Amsterdam, Holland
  • June 2015 y. – 23th International EAES Congress Юни Bucharest, Romania
  • Jube 2014 y. – 14th World Congress of Endoscopic surgery Paris, France
  • October 2013 y. – American College of Surgeons (ACS) 2013 Annual Clinical Congress Washington DC, USA
  • June 2013 y. 22nd International EAES Congress Vienna, Austria
  • October 2012 y. – First in Bulgaria Workshop for Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery – Organization committee – with special lector Prof. Jovanni Dapri (European School of Laparoscopic Surgery, Brussels, Belgium) – Sofia, Bulgaria
  • October 2012 y. – International Conference Mini-invasive surgery – Varna, Bulgaria
  • October 2010 – XIINational Congress of Surgery – Sofia, Bulgaria
  • October 2009 y. – XI National Conference of Coloproctology – Varna, Bulgaria
  • October 2008 – XVI Conference of Surgery – Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • October 2007 y. X National Conference of Coloproctology – Varna, Bulgaria
  • Октомври 2006 г. – XII National Congress of Surgery Sofia, BulgariaXII
  • October 2002 y. – XI National Congress of Surgery – Sofia, Bulgaria


Works in the field of:

– Laparoscopic cholecystectomy

– Laparoscopic hernia repair

– Laparoscopic colon cancer treatment

– Laparoscopic liver surgery

– Laparoscopic appendectomy

– Laparoscopic hyatal hernia repair

– Laparoscopic gastric surgery

– Conventional liver, billiary and hepatic surgery

– Conventional colon cancer surgery

– Conventional garstic surgery


Postgraduate courses:

– October 2017 Course for Laparoscopic hernia repair Athens, Greece

– December 2016 Laparoscopic colon cancer surgery Carmel Medical Centre, Haifa, Israel

– June 2014  Cource for Laparoscopic hernia repair Bucharest, Romania

–   February 2011 – Course of Single Access Surgery  – St. Pierre University Hospital, Brussels, Belgium